Entry Hall TABLE

$ 3,800.00

Designed to show off the very special piece of highly figured and spalted Western Maple that forms the top, this Table would be the highlight of an Entry Hall, or as a Side Table in any room.

Effectively a three-legged table, it is an exercise in minimalism and structural expressionism: the top is restrained by large figured Claro Walnut breadboard ends that are dovetailed to it. They all are attached to the legs by a series of lengthwise batten supports that cleat onto the large dovetail support at the single leg end, and are notched into the double leg at the other.

The large Black Walnut stretcher that stabilizes the table pierces the legs through mortises and is driven tight by wedges at each end that also provide a visual lift to the piece.

There are many small details: the narrow end of the wedges, for instance, have a small half-round dowel at their tip designed to increase pressure on the central bearing area of the wedge. The large dovetail support is notched into the end of its leg and fixed with slightly protruding square pegs. The table stretcher is locked into the single leg by a half round notch that fits the large dowel that  is drilled through the leg. On the double leg, a bearing block sits under the wedge enabling an increase in locking pressure from that wedge and a bit more animation to the piece.

There is a discreet drawer that can be used for miscellaneous items such as keys, mail, etc.

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