About Us

I have been designing and building furniture professionally since 1976. I have a workshop in San Francisco that specializes in limited production, one of a kind, and commissioned work.  We are not what one might describe as a “manufacturer”  (though we strive to maximize efficiency of production in any way we can).

I am also a licensed and practicing Architect and use the shop to produce furniture and installations for my architectural designs.

It has always seemed to me a natural progression from an architect’s involvement in designing spaces for activities, to designing the objects used in those activities. It has been the practice — often the preoccupation — of many past and current architects.

I was a maker, however, long before I began my training as an architect. I set out early to acquire the skills I would need to make my designs. Having the ability to actually make an object you have designed is not just enormously satisfying; it has helped me understand the role the tools and techniques used in making an object have in its final form, and that the makers interaction with the piece during the actual process of making is a critical step in the progress to a successful design.


Our furniture pieces are made to order, and though this results in a delay of gratification, it does give us the opportunity, if you so desire, to customize a design to your specifications  (thus increasing gratification!).  If you have a particular design in mind or an alteration of one shown here, please contact us. Since these furniture pieces are major purchases, I like to establish a relationship with the client, so that I might better serve you and hopefully be able to provide for you again in the future.  And while I know it’s not always possible, I encourage clients to come by the shop to view our work.

We can also design a whole new piece for you. There is a separate design fee for this. This will vary according to the complexity of the piece and whether it is a variation of an existing design or a whole new concept, and whether a prototype will have to be built. The amount of this fee will be agreed upon and paid in full before the commencement of work. On a new piece this fee generally will not be less than $300; note, however,  that there is no Design Fee for varying the dimensions or materials of existing designs (though there might be an upcharge due to an increase in material cost or complexity). An estimate of the price to make the work will be given before commencement of design, but cannot be finalized until the design is accepted.

I’m also available to consult with other Designers and Architects on their own designs, adapting my designs to their project, or developing new designs. As an architect myself, I am able to assist in fleshing out a concept and can recommend practical adjustments and provide the required details to make that happen.

All my products are like my children; they are worried and fawned over from gestation till after they leave the house and then I still worry for them and hope people treat them well.  But while we may not always be sure how our human offspring will turn out,  I can guarantee my products performance and satisfaction. If there is any problem I will fix it, replace the piece, or refund your money. I’m here for the duration. This is what I do. I make things that provide generations of satisfaction.

If you are interested in our work or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at scottwynnarchitect@att.net.  Better yet, arrange a time to come by the studio.  We’d love to talk to you and show you our work in person.
Scott Wynn’s workshop and studio is located in San Francisco’s hardworking Bayview District, an area of fabricators, suppliers, trade and service companies, manufacturers, and artists; the people  that keep the city running.

Also, please visit my other website scottwynnarchitect.com .  I’m showing many of my portfolio pieces as well as architectural projects there.

About our studio:
While we have a small showroom (very small!) in which we try to keep examples of our catalog items, of the larger pieces (chairs and tables, for instance) we will have samples but generally don’t keep on hand an inventory .  They will be made to your order.  Visiting our workshop showroom will allow you to see first hand the quality of our work, and allow us to assess and accommodate your needs.

Scott Wynn’s studio is open by appointment Monday – Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

1777 Yosemite #130
San Francisco, CA 94124

415. 822.1290 p & f