Classic Handplanes and Joinery

$ 20.00

This comprehensive manual on joinery planes provides an
essential reference for modern woodworkers and furniture builders.
Author and woodworking instructor Scott Wynn shows how joinery planes are used to create traditional furniture joints quickly and accurately. Readers learn how to choose, set up, maintain, and master joinery planes in both Western and some recommended Japanese versions, including plow and dado planes, rabbet planes, fillister and moving fillister planes, router planes, shoulder planes, bullnose and chisel planes, side rabbet planes, dovetail planes, and mortise planes.

A wonderful guide for any woodworker who is interested in using hand tools, it’s loaded with technically rich diagrams, illustrations, practical advice, and skillbuilding
exercises, including instructions on how to make a dovetail plane and using the joinery planes to make a shooting board with sliding dovetail battens. 159 pages. Fox-Chapel Publishing

• Comprehensive manual on using handplanes for joinery.
• Essential reference for building furniture by hand.
• Covers shoulder planes, router planes, rabbet planes, plow
planes, and more.
• Shows how to cut perfect dado, groove, rabbet, and mortise and
tenon joints.
• Fifth in a series of handplane books from this prominent
woodworking author.

I sell this book discounted from the publishers recommended retail price of $24.99.

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