Traditional Wooden Handplanes

$ 15.00

If you're working extensively in hardwoods, perhaps doing heavy and difficult work, then the traditional wooden handplane is the best tool for the job.  Refined over centuries these planes are hardly obsolete but will remove more wood with less effort than other styles of planes.  Additionally, with common alterations to their anatomy, can be made to produce tearout free surfaces in almost any wood.  This book will show you how to set-up, tune-up, modify, make, maintain and use these planes to their best advantage.  Includes chapters on making an entire set of planes (jack, fore, panel, jointer and smoothing) with dimensioned drawings, process drawings and pictures, and instructions; anatomical tactics of the plane and how to modify them for the task at hand; tradition strategies for surfacing timber; and how to sharpen and hold the work. 192 pages. Fox Chapel Publishing.

I sell this book discounted from the publishers recommended retail price.

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