CymÅ ChÅir in Color

$ 495.00

The ChÅirs pictured here have been painted with Milk Paint, a non-toxic, highly durable paint that's been in use for centuries.  The chairs are usually painted with two colors, with the secondary color underpainted two coats all over and sanded smooth.  Two coats of the main color are then painted over that on the areas that are to receive it, with the secondary color also painted two more coats on its areas. The surface is then sanded to 600 grit and rubbed with a non-woven fine abrasive pad to a dull sheen. It is then top coated with Tung Oil for added protection. Needless to say, this is a time consuming process.

Overpainting in a second color gives the finish great depth and allows the first color to wear through and be exposed on edges and contact areas as the chair wears (and sometimes gets a a bit of exposure when the top coats are sanded). The color palette for the Milk Paint I use is color coordinated so that no color in the collection clashes with another.  Additionally, the colors are generally historically correct to colors found in the 1700's and early 1800's. The color selection is available upon request.

The two ChÅirs shown here also have 3/4" gray felt added to the seats for additional comfort. This option is an additional $45.00 and can be added to any of the CymÅ ChÅirs.

1 each, as shown, in stock. Quantity discount for orders of 4 or more.


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