Salad Bowl

$ 395.00

BOWLS!   Said the Queen; "If I had two ...."   

I have them in Walnut and Ash — when I have them.

How can such an open, welcoming form as a bowl, be so, well, ... muscular?               I'm in love with round, open, welcoming forms— spoons and bowls for instance —contrasting with the contrary angle and corner.

This form gives a solid presence on the table and is suitable for serving guests or dressing the table.

The endgrain is durable and allows use of premium material that otherwise might have to be discarded.  A specially derived technique allows me to sculpt the interior of the bowl and give it texture with a special miniature Japanese handplane, as well as giving me enough material to make another bowl from the waste of the void.

Available in 2 sizes: a 14" overall with a 12" diameter bowl; and a 12" overall with a 11" diameter bowl.  Approximately 4" high. The smaller Bowl is $375.00; the larger Bowl is $395.00                                           

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