Ālpha Line DESK

$ 2,250.00

A small personal desk perfect for telecommuting from home. A small footprint but sizable enough for most tasks, it is light enough to be easily moved. This desk works well for all methods of communication, and will continue to provide usefulness and beauty long after technology has moved on to the next best thing.

The top is a full 1" thick and is all solid wood, no plywood or particle board. The top is finished with a minimum of 8 coats of hand rubbed Tung oil, a non-toxic finish that is by far the most durable of any of the natural finishes and easily repairable.

The rake of the legs mimic that of the Ālpha Line CHAIR, and the front top edge is gently rolled to provide extra comfort when working. The oval section of the battens that keep the top flat and hold it to the frame mimic the oval section of the arms of the chair.

DESK as shown is American Black Walnut.  All the steel is patined black and lacquered.  Also available in Cherry or Ash. Inquire as to other woods and patinas.

Made to order, we can customize this DESK to your requirements, varying the height and the dimensions of the top. The top shown is 48" wide by 24" deep, 29" high; tops of different dimensions can be ordered up to 60" wide (add $50) by 27" deep (add $100) to 30" deep (add $200) — which is the absolute deepest dimension for this desk base.

For an extra charge a key board pullout can also be added or a pencil drawer for $250.

4 weeks or so.  Feel free to call or email me to talk about your specific requirements.

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