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This is one of our original styles of tray, made from cut-offs that would otherwise of been thrown away, not used usually because their distinctive markings, figure, or imperfections did not fit within the larger project they were culled from. The "feet" are actually tapered dovetail battens driven in tight in a tapered dovetail groove so to keep the board flat.  Traditionally, these were square or rectangular in section with the dovetail key cut along one edge; here, though, I have made the entire batten dovetail shaped to give the piece a lightness or lift — like it's on its toes — and some dynamism that the traditional approach lacks.

These two TRAYS here, unlike most I have made, were cut from a couple of special boards I had,  specifically for use in these PRESENTATION TRAYS.  This seemed the best way to preserve and highlight their beauty.  They are Western Maple with some curly figure and a wonderful subtle range of colors: pinks, yellows, mauves, tans, with some spalting and a live edge.  The battens are Cherry.

These are the last 2 from this set;  I have not seen similar boards in several years.  I don't know when I'll see them again.

These trays are for what may be called presentation: they can be used for seasonal or votive displays, as table centerpieces, for instance,  or as a center for condiments. They can be useful for small snacks or appetizers that can also be enhanced with a seasonal display.

Both are of similar size, 10"w x  16"l x  2 1/2"h.

See also SERVING BOARDS for a different style of tray.

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